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Here are the live updates on Reliance Jio announcements by Mukesh Ambani:

In the first three months, Jio has grown faster than facebook,    WhatsApp, Skype.

It has crossed 50 million users.

Jio now fastest growing tech firm.

Jio is a data strong network built for internet from the ground up.

On average Jio customers using 25 times more data than an average broadband customer.

Jio customer today is consuming data on par with and more than sophisticated users anywhere.

Launched welcome offer to iron out deficiencies. We received a lot of feedback and we have been listening. Working to implement them.

Jio is better today than when we started.

Thanks to the government of India we were able to fast track launch.

Today, Jio has successfully rolled out eKYC (know your customer) across 2 lakh outlets in India.

This is nearly equally to total number of ATMs in India. We are in the process of doubling this by March 2017.

While customers have shown unprecedented love for Jio, we have not received the required support from existing operators.

In the last 3 months, nearly 900 cror…