Hello Friends, In today modern life Everyone has a Private life, Private data etc. Today We discuss How to hide your private data in Android Phone without use any Application like App Lock, CM Security etc. 

Lets know by step by step :
1) First of all you have install the File Manager App like EX File Explorer from Play Store, and click after that open the File Manager. like given below the screenshot :

2) After that click on Memory Card that is the second option given in above screenshot, for example we hide the data that is in the memory card .
3) After clicking on File Manager, Suppose we want to hide our data that is in the video folder showing below .

 4) When we open the Video folder we got video name, udta_punjab.mp4 trailer , that is clearly shown in the given below screen shoot.
 5) after that we long click on the video icon which is shown above . and we got the below option, and after that we click on the icon name I shown in the upper right side of the video.

6) finally we got the rename icon on screen  as you seen above, NOW TO HIDE THE VIDEO FROM GALLERY WE JUST CHANGE THE EXTENSION OF THE VIDEO FROM .mp4 TO ANYTHING LIKE  .as  .aa  WHICH IS NOT PREDEFINE EXTENSION OF IMAGE, VIDEO, MP3 SONG , DOCX FILE  . Most simple is that you just write .apk and the video is hide from the gallery.

7) Similarly we can hide Any data like IMAGE, VIDEO, Files etc just to change the extension name.
and If we want to get back the same data just place the extension as previously the data  have, and simply we get back the original data.


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